Sludge/varnish prevention
Variable flow
PLC display for easy operation
Ex-proof certified
Smart Pak options
Removal of ferrous and non-ferrous contaminant
Sludge/varnish prevention
Variable flow
Smart Pak options
PLC display for easy operation

Flow Rate
30 to 150 gal (114 to 568 liters)
39 in (100 cm)
25 in (64 cm)
21 in (53 cm)
Fluid Pressure
6-80 PSIG (0.5 to 5.5 Bar)
Fluid Temp.*
65 to 200˚F (18 to 93˚C)
Fluid Viscosity*
2 to 220 cSt @ 40˚C
Fluid Flash Point
>140˚F (60˚C)

*Contact an ISOPur representative for operation outside of recommended ranges.

Smart Flow

  • Automated sensing of temperature, pressure, and flow
  • Optimizes flow rate in response to changing fluid conditions

Filter Minder

  • Automatic reminders to change filters when full
  • Prevention of pressure buildup behind fine filters

Programmable Logic Controller with digital display


Purification 101: Fluid contamination analysis targets the primary cause of wear and lubricant failure forming the central strategy of a proactive maintenance program.
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