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ISOPur Fluid Technologies develops advanced purification systems for hydraulic and lubricating oil used in high-performance, mission-critical industrial machinery. Through its patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration™ (BCA) technology, ISOPur is able to achieve a level of fluid purity unattainable by conventional filtration or centrifugal systems. ISOPur not only continuously purifies oil and fuel to a better than new condition, BCA also removes sludge and varnish from the internals of the machinery. ISOPur can provide a dramatic return on investment by improving plant uptime, reducing maintenance costs, extending the life of expensive capital equipment, and reducing fluid consumption and waste disposal.

ISOPur’s patented BCA technology works by passing contaminated fluid over a series of electrodes that carefully charge particles, both positive and negative, until the net charge is balanced. As charged particles mix, they attract and grow in size, making for easy removal with filter cartridges. BCA is a revolutionary technology within the purification industry because of its effectiveness on sub-micron particles that would otherwise pass freely through premium filters. BCA accomplishes this level of ultra-fine purification while maintaining fluid lubricity and water content without affecting additives.

BCA also “pulls” sticky sludge and varnish off the internals of machine valves, bearings, shafts, and other critical parts, enabling equipment to operate more efficiently and reliably. Conventional filters impart a net static charge on particles, causing them to attract to internal surfaces and initiating the process of varnish formation. BCA restores a balanced charge in the fluid, blocking particle attraction and eliminating the fundamental cause of sludge and varnish formation.

BCA removes contamination from any non-conducting fluids. In addition to hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, BCA has also been proven effective on cutting/machining oils, phosphate esters, and vegetable oil. BCA removes contaminants of many varieties, including sub-micron particles, products of oxidation, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and bacteria. ISOPur has referenceable case studies from major Global 2000 corporations in a multitude of industrial applications including power generation, pulp and paper, plastic extrusion, marine, petrochemicals, food processing, transformers/tap changers, machine tools, and general manufacturing.

Purification 101: Use oil analysis to monitor lubricant health and contamination.

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