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BCA removes the sticky varnish from:

Servo & precision  
Other critical parts

BCA accomplishes
sub-micron purification while:

Maintaining fluid
Removing water
Having no affect on
   additive packages


ISOPur Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA) Technology - Flash Animation

  ISOPur patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration technology works by:

  1. Passing contaminated fluid over a series of electrodes that carefully charge particles, both positive (+) and negative (-).
  2. Particulate contamination as small as 0.1 microns picks up this charge.
  3. Oil, a non-conducting fluid, stays neutral.
  4. The ionized fluid streams are then re-combined and mixed under turbulent flow.
  5. Positively and negatively ionized contaminant particles are attracted to each other, growing in size as they agglomerate.
  6. Sub-micron particles become micron-sized particles. Micron-sized particles become multi-micron particles, etc.
  7. Once larger, these particles are then easily removed by standard filtration.
Purification 101: Varnish formation - Carbon and oxide insolubles migrate to cool machine surfaces. Over time and many thermal cycles, oxides cure to varnish. - Noria Corp.

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