Boiler Feed Pump (Coal Power Plant) - Turkish Electric Generating Company evaluated the performance of the ISOPUR system by testing it at one of the EUAS plants and reported the positive results to all of the plants within EUAS.

Gas Turbine - Refined Sugar, Inc. has an independent power station on the premises for the purpose of refining sugar. This power plant generates half the plant electricity via a Caterpillar Solar gas turbine, which was experiencing sludge and varnish problems. Also review our Gas Turbine Application Brief.

Hydraulic Test Stand - A large manufacturer of automotive actuators and sensors was experiencing high rejection rates due to contamination of hydraulic fluid in a test stand.

Machine Tool - A manufacturer of highly precise devices that uses hydraulically driven forming machinery finds that contamination is affecting product yields.

Marine - In a study sponsored by Bath Iron Works, The marine vessel 'State of Maine' has three Ship Service Diesel Generators (SSDG) units, which require constant lubricating oil purification.

Power Plant - The Vero Beach Municipal Power Plant serves the City of Vero Beach, which demands stronger energy production because of the recent growth in the area.

Pulp & Paper - Kimberly Clark (Mexico) had sticking valves, production down-time, and product quality on their Industrial Paper Machine #4. All were quickly and drastically reduced by purifying the lubricating oil with ISOPur.

Pulp & Paper - A large, multi-national paper company was experiencing seven servo valve failures per year because of sticky contamination within the small valve clearances.

Steam Turbine - A major New England based pharmaceutical company's co-generation power plant was regularly experiencing oil-related failures on four 6 megawatt steam turbines.

Servo Valve - At Yale University, constant sticking on servo valves caused frequent interruptions of three Nuovo Pignone PGT-5M Gas Turbines.

Tap Changer - Consolidated Edison, a regulated utility, was experiencing carbon buildup on the insulators as well as the copper contacts in their tap changers due to heavily contaminated transformer oil.

Turbo Compressor - A major global compressor manufacturer is constantly finding varnish problems during teardowns.

Purification 101: Oil viscosity must be selected by considering the lowest starting temperature and the maximum operating temperature.

                              - Noria Corp.

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