Feed Pumps

The ISOPur Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA) technology is capable of purifying the lubricating oil within a feed pump, power station application. ISOPur can save huge dollars by solving equipment down-time, eliminating sub-micron contamination, and scouring the machine internals

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Boiler Feed Pump Case Study - EUAS Thermal (coal) Power Plant, Turkey

A sample of problem areas that are eliminated:

- Bearing wear
- Varnish buildup
- Lubricating oil replacement

Purification 101: Audible symptoms of mechanical wear:
  • Gearing - "Singing gears are happy gears"
  • Bearings - Change in pitch or loudness
  • Hydraulics - Metallic sound, marbles on tin roof (cavitation)
                              - Noria Corp.

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