Power Generation

Turbine lube oil
Hydraulic control oil
Phosphate esters (EHC fluid)
Compressor lube oil
Fan lube oil
Transformer insulating oil


Hydraulic oil
Lubricating oil
Cutting & Grinding Fluids
EDM oil

Diesel Engines

Diesel lubricating oil
Turbo-charger lube oil

Power Distribution

Tap changer oil
Transformer oil

Food Processing

Vegetable cooking oil

Fuels Processing

  Bio-diesel feed stock
The following specific fluid brands are known to be treatable by ISOPurur
Mobil DTE 797 Exxon Teresstic N220
Mobil DTE 26 Exxon Nuto 46
Mobil DTE 25 Shell Omala 220
Mobil DTE 24 Shell Rotella
Mobil DTE Light Nippon M220
Mobil SHC 630 Fyrqel*
MobilGard 324 Mill Spec 2190

*May require special filters, seals, or other options to meet compatibility.

Purification 101: Successful oil analysis begins with proper sampling. Three objectives to good sampling:
  • Maximize data density
  • Minimize data disturbance
  • Proper frequency

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