Machine Tools

Machine tools are the foundation for all of manufacturing. They cut, they grind, they drill, they press, and they form raw metal into components that go on to be assembled into finished product. Any defects in the operation of machine tools eventually results in larger defects further downstream. Minute improvements in production yields at the start of the manufacturing process result in large downstream savings.

A common source of problems in machine tools is hydraulic fluid contamination. These hydraulic systems control the precision movements of the tooling surfaces. Generally, machining environments have high concentrations of ferrous debris, which easily find their way into the fluid systems. When contamination occurs, the following problems occur:

  • Higher product rejection rates
  • Poor or inconsistent tolerances
  • Poor process repeatability
  • Damaged tooling
  • Machine tool vibration

ISOPur BCA technology has had repeated success purifying hydraulic fluid in machine tools. Read the following case study to see how ISOPur BCA was successfully implemented on a precision spinner and resulted in product rejection reduction of 80%.

Machine Tool Case Study (pdf format - download the free Acrobat reader here)

"The money spent on the ISOPur units has been the best insurance policy for the company."

- VP of Operations in machine tool application

Purification 101: Water contamination can have a negative effect on additives.

Rust inhibitor
De-emulsifying agents
Detergents and dispersants

+ water washing = sludge, sediment, additive mortality, bacteria, poor oil/water separation

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