Marine Applications

The lubrication systems of marine diesel engines are under a great deal of stress. Since there are no emission regulations on the open seas, ocean going ships and tankers use low cost, low quality fuel. In addition, the conditions of the open seas introduce temperature, saline, and water stress. Because space is constrained, smaller oil sumps are used, resulting in highly stressed diesel lubricating oil.

To combat contamination and water problems, most diesel marine systems are cleaned with centrifuges. These systems have high maintenance costs, and are prone to breakdown. They also take up space and add to noise levels.

ISOPur BCA technology, which has received the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) marine certification, is ideally suited to purifying marine diesel systems. In addition to achieving higher levels of purity and water reduction than centrifuges, ISOPur systems are much easier to maintain and do not have moving parts that frequently break down. A case study of the successful test results (sponsored by Bath Iron Works) implemented on the 'State of Maine' Marine Vessel are currently being documented.

"...(The diesel generator reached) a cleanliness of six times greater than new oil after 90 days of BCA    purification."

                                                                                            - Technology Engineer, Bath Iron Works

Purification 101:
Dissolved water - Water molecules are dispersed one-by-one throughout the oil.
Emulsified water - Microscopic globules of water are dispersed in stable suspension in the oil.
Free water - Water, when mixed with oil, readily settles to tank/sump bottom.

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