Pulp and Paper Plants

ISOPur understands that the Pulp and Paper Industry is highly capital intensive, companies are unable to justify wholesale technology upgrades and replacements. Therefore, it is an industry characterized by operators who painstakingly try to extend the life of the capital they already have in place. The Pulp and Paper Industry spends $2 billion per year on capital expenditure - of the total, over $900 million is spent on parts, attachments, and repairs. 60% of equipment orders are for re-builds of machines that are already in place.

Clean hydraulic and lubricating oils are keys to achieving good plant uptime and product quality. However, in the dirty and wet atmosphere of the paper mill, fluid impurities and the resulting problems are common.

Typical signs of oil problems include: The resulting impact on the bottom line is:
  • Sticking servo valves on calendaring and super calendaring machines
  • Ground up and damaged roller bearings
  • Visible sludge/varnish
  • Poor oil analysis results
  • Frequent line shut downs
  • Uneven paper quality
  • Lost product
  • High maintenance and fluid costs

ISOPur has successfully demonstrated its advanced sub-micron purification systems with a major multi-national paper company. Read the following case study to see how ISOPur BCA successfully cleansed a paper mill's oil system and prevented repeated calendar shut-down due to sticky servo valves.


Pulp & Paper Case Study (pdf format - download Acrobat reader free here.)

Purification 101 : Water is the second most destructive contaminant in lubricating oils.
                              - Noria Corp.

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