Plastic Injection Molders

Hydraulic oil is the muscle that powers the Plastic Injection Molding Industry. By some estimates there are over 20,000 plastics processors in the United States alone. This global industry has one persistent problem that severely impacts its profitability - hydraulic fluid contamination. Experts have found that 80% of product defects stem from hydraulic contamination problems as the root cause. Moreover, the damage done is happening to machines that can cost up to several million dollars.

When hydraulic fluid becomes contaminated, the following issues are likely to appear:

  • Higher product rejection rates
  • Poor or inconsistent tolerances
  • Poor process repeatability
  • Damaged molds

ISOPur has successfully demonstrated its advanced sub-micron purification systems in the plastic injection molding industry. In fact, ISOPur recently completed an important contract with a major global machine manufacturer. A case study is in the works and will be available shortly.

Purification 101 : Oxidation causes the build up of long chain molecules, which lead to sludge and varnish. Oxidation also increases acidity which causes corrosion.
                              - Noria Corp.

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