Power Plant Applications

Most power producers recognize the importance of clean fluids and have active oil analysis programs in place to prevent contamination. Despite this, oil related issues still frequently occur. Typical issues include:
  • High temperatures lead to coking of oil and thermal failure on gas turbines
  • Sticky control valves on steam turbines
  • Contamination of expensive phosphate ester fluids on EHC systems
  • Buildup of varnish and extreme wear of bearings
  • Buildup of sludge inside turbine and caking of sludge in fluid reservoirs
  • High costs and maintenance headaches of centrifugal purification systems

ISOPur has successfully demonstrated its advanced sub-micron purification systems with many power producers. Read the Gas Turbine Application Brief to see how ISOPur BCA achieved success the gas turbine industry. (pdf format - download Acrobat reader free here.)

Steam Turbine Case Study at a major pharmaceutical company

Municipal Power Steam Turbine Case Study at a power plant

Gas Turbine Application Brief - an overall account of ISOPur's impact on the industry

Typical gas turbine reservoir Reservoir after 3 months of BCA operation
Purification 101: The 1st category of oil analysis is monitoring, controlling and trending vital physical and chemical properties of a lubricant.

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